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Insulators and underground cables from Horsley Wholesale

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Horsley Wholesale  specialises a wide variety of rural, farm and animal supplies. An extensive range of products offered by Horsley Wholesale which includes electric fencing, solar fence energisers, mains powered energisers, pet fence containment system, Earthing kits, fence testers, hot tape and poly wire, strip grazing, etc.

Horsley Wholesale also offers insulators, underground cable and insuitube, signs, wire joining and straining, gateways and switches, energiser modules, fibreglass equipment, solar battery chargers, plain wire, hot dipped galvanised posts, irrigation, worm farm and composting, construction and joinery and animal health.

Electric fencing solutions offered by Horsley Wholesale includes battery powered energisers, mains powered energisers, solar powered fence kits, electric fence testing, pet containment systems and yards, Earthing accessories, strip grazing, hot tape and wire, insulators, gateways and switches, warning signs, under ground cable, etc.

Battery powered energiser supplied by Horsley Wholesale has three power output levels, fence load, digital display for voltage and joules, power level, keypad for selection of pulse and alarm voltage level.

Horsley Wholesale also offers main powered energisers especially designed for small to medium sized farms. Main powered energisers are suitable for any type of animal. Main powered energisers consist of large terminal knobs, bright pulse light and tough weatherproof case making it easy and handy for use.

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