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Air seeding systems and hay rakes from Howard Australia

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Howard Australia  provides farm machinery including air seeding systems, hay rakes and fertiliser spreaders. Howard Australia distributes the Morris series of air seeding systems. Concept 2000 series of air seeding systems can handle sharp knolls and hills. These air seeding systems consist of features including independent floating frames, positive depth control collars and hydraulic cylinders. The positive depth control collar of this air seeding machine enables to make fine adjustments for precise placement of the seed. The Maxim III air seeding system provides simple and easy tillage operation.

Hay rakes from Howard Australia comprise of independent and interchangeable wheels that have been mounted onto roller bearing hubs. These wheels are capable of raking, spreading and turning different varieties of forage crops. Hay rakes from Howard Australia also consist of an adjustable drawbar and a heavy spring loaded tie rod. Orchard Mini series of fertiliser spreaders have length, width and height averaging to about 4.4 metres, 1.6 metres and 1.5 metres. This fertiliser weighs about 3.91 tonnes. 4.75T of Buckton spreaders from Howard Australia possess length, breadth and height of 3.72 metres, 2.4 metres and 1.92 metres.

4330 series of mixers from Howard Australia comprise of features including tungsten carbide coated knives, manual restrictor blades, shear bolt protection, hydraulic door and three point weighing system.

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