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Energy efficient condensing boilers from Hurll Nu-Way

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Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd  offers a range of energy efficient condensing boilers designed to deliver energy savings and reduce electricity bills.

Suitable for new commercial buildings under construction as well as retrofits, Hurll Nu-Way’s condensing boilers save energy by recovering the heat lost through water vapour in the flue gas.

Featuring a very efficient heat exchanger, the Belgian-made condensing boilers give out low CO and NOx emissions thanks to an integrated premix burner that provides maximum mixing of gas and air, minimising release of harmful substances.

The fully modulated boiler provides improved temperature control and quicker response to changes in heat load, resulting in greater efficiency. Maintenance involves simple pressure checks, completely eliminating the need for regular tuning of the equipment.

Buildings with boiler systems can also save more energy by switching to a lower cost fuel, improving system control and changing to a more precise burner control regime.

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