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Irrigation systems for rural and urban sectors from HydroPlan

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HydroPlan  provides consulting services to the irrigation and water supply industry. HydroPlan has been providing these consulting services since 1979. Various clients catered by HydroPlan include sport clubs, architects, engineers, farmers, orchards, vineyards and government authorities. HydroPlan supplies a diverse range of irrigation products to the rural sector including pumping systems, groundwater bores, transfer pipelines, fixed and mobile distribution systems. Irrigation systems designed by HydroPlan ensure to maintain compatible relationship with the crops thereby minimising the extent of damage caused to the crops. Other irrigation products include drip and micro irrigation systems, sprinklers, travellers, pivots and laterals.

HydroPlan has completed several urban irrigation projects. Various irrigation products supplied for these irrigation projects include popup sprinkler systems, shrub sprays, bubblers, micro irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, automatic and manual irrigation systems and central monitoring systems. HydroPlan has catered to public places such as parks, gardens, reserves, schools, botanic gardens, commercial premises, cemeteries, zoos and schools. Various recreation irrigation projects completed by HydroPlan include athletics tracks, theme parks, camping grounds, sporting venues, football fields, golf courses, Olympic sites and cricket ovals.

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