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With over 35 years of experience in the irrigation industry, I & C Irrigation Consultants supply a vast range of irrigation, water storage, pumping and filtration solutions.

Servicing the rural, commercial and domestic markets I & C Irrigation Consultants have the experience to attend to all your irrigational needs - including water management, and 'bio' and 'grey' water distribution.

For all irrigation design and supply, water storage and management needs, please browse the I & C Irrigation Consultants web site.

I & C Irrigation Poly Pipe Fittings  

Plasson Metric Poly Pipe Fittings:

  • Tee 90º
  • Metric poly couplings
  • Iron Adaptors
  • Female Iron Adaptors
  • 90º Elbow fittings
  • 90º Iron Elbow fittings
  • Wafer Check Valve 3
  • Iron Tees    
Our Guyco Rural Poly Pipe Fittings:
  • Joiner PE x PE
  • Male & Female End Connectors
  • Tee joint
  • Rural Poly Elbows    

Plassim Metric Poly Pipe Fittings:
  • Joiner PE x PE
  • End Connector  PE x MI BSP
  • Tee PE x PE
  • Tee PX x  FI BSP
  • Elbow PE x PE
  • Elbow PE x FI BSP    
Plasson Rural Poly Pipe Fittings:
  • Rural Poly Coupling (Imperial)
  • Rural Poly Adaptor MI (Imperial- male)
  • Rural Poly Adaptor FI (Imperial- female)
  • Rural Poly Adaptor FI 90º (Imperial- female)
  • Rural Poly Elbow 90º (Imperial)
  • Tee 90º (Imperial)
  • Tee FI 90 o (Imperial- female)

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