Illabo Engineering

Illabo Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of Chaser Bins, Tube Conveyors, Conveyor Systems and Chain Drags for use in the handling of grain and fertiliser.


Supplier news
06/08/08 - Illabo Engineering provides chaser bins of different capacities. These chaser bins are available as 24 tonne chaser bins and 30 tonne chaser bins. 24 tonne chaser bins possess total level capacity averaging to about 80 kilograms per hectalitre. Vario
Supplier news
05/08/08 - Illabo Engineering manufactures a diverse range of tube type conveyor equipment. The tube type conveyor equipment is available in various models including mobile conveyors, stationary conveyors and horizontal undersilo conveyor equipment.
Supplier news
04/08/08 - Chaser bins, manufactured by Illabo Engineering, are available in different sizes. These chaser bins have been specifically designed for local farmers and contractors. Chaser bins from Illabo Engineering comprise of features including heavy construct

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