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Wall cladding range from Impero Stone

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Impero Stone  offers products such as pavers, flooring and wall cladding. The wall cladding range from Impero Stone comes in colours such as Rockface Beige, Rockface Beige Pink, Rockface Pearl White, Stone Stack Beige, Stone Stack Beige Pink, Stone Stack Pearl White, Crow Pecked and Crow Pecked Chamferd Edge, to name a few.

Pavers from Impero Stone are available in Beige, Beige Pink, Aqua Gold, Rosa Brushed and Pearl White Brushed. The colours of the floor range from Impero Stone are Beige Honed, Rosa Honed, Antique Shell Stone Brushed, Antique Shell Stone Brushed and Antique Polished Shell Stone.

Natural stone, offered by Impero Stone, is extracted from 1,200 meters above the sea level. The natural stone range, provided by Impero Stone, maintains its colour, even in harsh climatic conditions near mountains or rivers. The natural stone variety, offered by Impero Stone, does not change its colour to black or green.

The stone collection from Impero Stone does not require sealers for protection as it is mould resistant. These natural stone products are available in colours such as Rosa, Beige and Pearl White.

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