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EASY N Liquid Fertiliser from Incitec Pivot Finds Late Application on Burdekin Cane Farm Easy

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article image EASY N Liquid Fertiliser from Incitec Pivot is applied to the base of the stool in cane with a high clearance spray rig for Talbot Cox, “The Rocks”.

A Burdekin cane farm is demonstrating the flexibility of EASY N with help from some individual ingenuity and good teamwork.

Rob Dwyer, Specialist Sales Agronomist with Landmark, Ayr is working with Andrew Cox, Incitec Pivot’s Area Sales Manager – Burdekin, to increase the profile of the liquid fertiliser throughout the district.

Mr Dwyer works with The Rocks Farming Company, a cane growing operation of 1,800 hectares, which has been applying EASY N since 2001.

“The Rocks” was a big customer of solid granular fertiliser, which supplied large amounts of nitrogen in plant and ratoon crops.

However, the heavy clay soils were contributing to denitrification, prompting the farm’s owner-manager, Talbot Cox, to look at split applying nitrogen to deliver even crop growth and higher yields.

After unsuccessfully trying urea mixed with water, Mr Cox switched to EASY N on Mr Dwyer’s advice that it was the best option for applying late in the season.

EASY N makes a splash in cane

“We thought the best way to go was to contract a high clearance spray rig from a local contractor called Crop Serve, and use concentrated EASY N from one tank, while spraying a herbicide from another,” Mr Dwyer said.

“That way we’re fertilising and crop protecting in one pass, saving our client time, and machinery and labour costs.”

Undiluted EASY N, a non-pressurised, saturated solution that contains 425 kilograms of nitrogen per 1,000 litres, was applied at “The Rocks” at a rate of 200 L/ha.

Mr Dwyer said his client was extremely happy with the way the product had performed and had decided to order an on-farm storage tank to hold 20,000 litres of EASY N, realising substantial savings on the differential between bulk and 1,000 litre containers.

“The product has huge potential in the area for use in cane,” Mr Dwyer said.

“As long as cane growers have access to high clearance spray rigs, EASY N offers excellent options when they’re looking to explore split application and adjustment of nitrogen rates to suit their soil types and moisture levels.”

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