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Donaghys Big Square Baling Twine

Big Square Baling Twines
Donaghys’ innovation and technology has led to advancements in knot strength and ball length, coupled with highly visible fibres.  These initiatives have made Donghys twines leaders in Big Square baling.

Don 440 Twines
Don 440 is the contractor’s first choice in big square twines and features a 1300m spool length which prevents time lost in the fields.  Don 440 has a 200kg average knot strength and is ideal for medium to high density big square balers.

Ezy Run 460 Twines
Ezy Run 460 is designed to be easier on machinery with up to 50% less wear than harsher twines.  Ezy Run 460 has a 209kg average knot strength with a 1220m spool length and is ideal for medium to high density big square balers.

Top Knot Twines
Top Knot is designed for serious performance with titanium strength characteristics for the strongest of baler applications.  It has a 237kg average knot strength with 1100m spool length and is ideal for high density big square balers
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