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Fertiliser spreaders and rotating safety beacons from Interlink

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Interlink  provides different types of farm equipment such as bate spreaders, cement mixers, earth augers, fertiliser spreaders, fire fighter pumps, log splitters, meat saws, olive harvesters, pallet trucks, rotating safety beacons and sweeper brushes. Bate spreaders possess a total capacity of about 60 kilograms. These spreaders have been specifically designed for spreading different types of baits. Bate spreaders are handy sling mounted spreaders that can be operated with ease. These spreaders can also be used for spreading seeds.

Earth augers from Interlink possess a total diameter of about 100 millimetres and comprise of several other features such as petrol engine and handy construction. Fertiliser spreaders include ground driven spreader with features like lightweight construction, versatile unit and ideal for row as well as broadcast spreading. Olive harvesters from Interlink comprise of stainless steel fingers that can be used for pulling fruits from the tree. These harvesters also consist of rubber clutches at the base of these stainless steel fingers.

Rotating safety beacons from Interlink have been specifically designed for farm machinery applications. These beacons provide about 20 rotations per minute and available in orange colour. Log splitters from Interlink provide both horizontal and vertical operations.

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