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Vineyard and citrus sprayers from Interlink

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Interlink  specialises in providing a diverse range of horticultural spray equipment. Some of the horticultural spray equipment from Interlink includes vineyard sprayers, citrus sprayers and crop sprayers. Nebulizer vineyard sprayers operate by using ducted air channels that enable to create spray droplets in size ranging from 50 microns to about 400 microns. These vineyard sprayers comprise of features including turbine fan in conjunction with double blades, pressure pump for adequate agitation and chemical filters. Nebulizer vineyard sprayers from Interlink require minimal maintenance and comprise of components such as simple gearbox drive as well as devoid of plastic pump belts.

Oscillating citrus sprayers from Interlink consist of features including simple design, minimal maintenance, fully hydraulic adjustments, tandem mounted pumps, floatation tyres, tank fillers, adjustable nozzles, hydraulic height adjustment, lightweight construction and electric control features. These citrus sprayers are available in 3000 litre as well as 4000 litre capacities.

Linear crop sprayers from Interlink consist of features such as high deflector, double sided nozzles, floatation tyres, three stage filter, two speed adjustable fan, Bertolini pump having total capacity ranging to about 150 litres and three track distributor. The three track distributor enables to improve the performance of sprayer from 17 percent to about 20 percent.

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