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03/06/09 - Many Probiotics consist of a single strain of bacteria, but Protexin multi-strain probiotic, from International Animal Health Products, consists of seven different naturally occurring bacteria and two
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14/07/08 - International Animal Health Products offers a diverse range of feed additives. The Flaveco 5 feed additive comprises of flavophospholipol antibiotic.
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11/07/08 - International Animal Health Products offers the Ecomectin series of antiparasitic solutions for sheep and cattle.
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10/07/08 - International Animal Health Products provides Ausmectin series of broad spectrum anti parasitic solutions. These anti parasitic solutions adhere to quality assurance controls and composed of Ivermectin that ensures safety, quality as well as efficacy

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Beef Feedaid™ Berg Oil™ Buffered Iodine™ Byrumen™ Calciplex Bone & Joint™ Calciplex Bone & Joint™ Plus Calf Weanaid® Diary Aid™ Diary Hi-Yield™ Down To Earth D-Scour Paste™ Ecomectin® Electromix Electrolytes & Sweat™ Energy & Fertility™ Farnam® Farnam® MecWorma & Bot® Farnam® Tite™ Liniment Flaveco™5 Flint's Medicated Oil™ Glutacide™ Hardock's® Ironvita Blood & Oxygen™ K.A. Cleans & Flushes™ Keymix® Livamol® Livamol® Blu Livamol® Glo Livamol® Suds LotFeedaid™ Manomix® Moneco® Neutra-syrup Neutralises & Removes™ Protexin® Protexin® Paste Snow-e Muscle Sootha Nerves & Stress™ Souter's Bio-Hoof® Care & Repair™ Souter's™ Molatein® Sprain Liniment Gel™ Toxibind Vitam® Health & Vitality™ Vitam® Plus Health & Vitality™ Worma Drench® Wound Klense™

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