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article image The IRCC represents red dairy cattle breeders and their associations internationally

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Established in Australia in 1989, the International Red Cow Club (IRCC) works for the benefit of red dairy cattle breeders associations, both within Australia and abroad.     

The IRCC provides dairy cattle breeders with a platform for discussion about a variety of issues relevant to the industry, allows them to promote and exchange red dairy cattle genetics, and provides endless networking opportunities.
Red dairy cattle breeders meet every three years at different locations across the globe, including Australia and South Africa, to discuss developments in the breeding and genetics of red dairy cattle breeds.

In order to attain membership with the IRCC, red dairy cattle breeders associations must:

  • Accept the IRCC’s Red Cow magazine as their official International publication.
  • Agree to co-operate with all other IRCC members to promote red dairy cattle breeds via "The Red Cow" magazine.
  • Agree to co-operate with other IRCC members to study red dairy cattle breeding policies, and achievements of red dairy cattle.
  • Agree to attend conferences for the purpose of exchanging ideas and the present achievements of each red dairy cattle breed.

The IRCC is responsible for creating and distributing the Red Cow magazine, which is comprised of news items and informative editorial pieces, and each edition covers the activities of a particular member society.

At present, the IRCC boasts twenty-two member associations located in nations throughout the world, including Australia (of which there are two), Finland, Lithuania, England, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa, among many others.

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