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A vaccine for cattle indicated as an aid in the control of BRD caused by iMannheimia haemolytica/i


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25/03/10 - According to Intervet-Schering Plough Animal Health, small changes in reproductive performance in piggeries through the application of breeding technologies can translate into large economic gains.
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14/07/08 - Intervet Australia offers a comprehensive range of pharmaceuticals including anti parasitics, anti infectives, hormones and reproductive hormones. Anti parasitics include Taktic Topline that comprises of amitraz. This can be used for topical treatmen
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11/07/08 - Intervet Australia provides a range of vaccines suitable for pigs. These vaccines include Depocillin, Dexadreson, Dexafort, Duplocillin, ECOvac, ECOvacLE, Engemycin and Folligon to name a few.
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10/07/08 - Intervet Australia specialises in the development of vaccines. Intervet Australia develops as well as markets vaccines for various domestic animals.

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Bovilis® MH Depocillin® Engemycin® 100 Receptal®

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