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Live vaccines for poultry from Intervet Australia

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Intervet Australia  specialises in the development of vaccines. Intervet Australia develops as well as markets vaccines for various domestic animals. Intervet Australia also supplies antibiotics, reproductive hormones and other specialised pharmaceuticals in addition to vaccines. Intervet Australia offers live as well as inactivated vaccines for poultry animals.

Live vaccines for poultry animals, developed by Intervet Australia, include HVT-CA Marek’s Disease vaccine, Intervet Nobilis CAV P4 vaccine, Intervet Nobilis FAV vaccine, Nobilis Fowl Pox vaccine and Nobilis RISMAVAC Marek’s Disese vaccine. HVT-CA Marek’s Disease vaccine, developed by Intervet Australia, can be used for effective prevention of Marek’s Disease in commercial poultry animals. This live vaccine contains a live preparation of cell associated living Herpes virus.

Nobilis CAV P4 vaccine from Intervet Australia has been specifically formulated for protecting chicken progeny from Chicken Anaemia virus disease. Nobilis FAV vaccine is capable of protecting chicken from Inclusion Body Hepatitis disease. Nobilis Fowl Pox vaccine can be used for protecting chicken and turkeys from fowl pox. Nobilis IB vaccine from Intervet Australia can be used for preventing Infectious Bronchitis disease in chickens. RISMAVAC vaccine formulated by Intervet Australia is composed of live cell associated chicken herpes virus for preventing Marek’s disease in chickens.

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