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Commercial beef cattle from Inverary

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Inverary  is a beef cattle stud that specialises in the management of various breeds of cattle. This beef cattle stud was established in 1963. Different breeds of beef cattle stocked by Inverary possess highly efficient functional traits. Inverary also focuses on pasture establishment as well as land management. Inverary beef cattle stud is also capable of producing superior beef genetics.

Angus A1 breed of cattle sire from Inverary had a total birth weight that averaged to about 3.6 kilograms. The maternal milk accumulation in these sires accounts to about 0.25 litres. The wean weight averages to about 0.64 kilograms. Commercial beef cattle from Inverary include breeds such as Bos Indicus, Charcolais and Simmentals. British and Crossbred steers include domestic and heavy feeder steers. The domestic feeder steers possess weight ranging from 350 kilograms to about 380 kilograms, while the heavy feeder steers have weights averaging from 400 kilograms to 520 kilograms. Inverary conducts several crossbreeding programmes for producing different breed varieties of beef cattle having highly functional traits.

Commercial beef cattle from Inverary possess attributes including hardiness as well as capability to perform off grass. These cattle also produce quality beef. Inverary also specialises in the development of productive pastures capable of generating high weight grains.

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