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Functional breeds of sheep from Inverbrackie

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Inverbrackie  specialises in supplying different breeds of sheep. This stud employs sophisticated breeding programmes for the production of quality sheep. Several features of breeding programmes conducted by Inverbrackie include worm resistance, high resilience, meaty carcase, longevity, fats growing rates and twinning with lamb survival features. Inverbrackie is a stud that breeds sheep for commercial applications. This stud ensures to provide efficient and reliable services to its clients. Inverbrackie also keeps a track of sheep production by measuring as well as recording production differences. This commercial sheep breeding stud produces quality sheep with different functional traits.

Inverbrackie commenced its operations in the year 1964 and started off with production of first cross ewes. This stud eventually started producing quality rams having high performance. The main goal of this commercial sheep breeding stud is to produce rams possessing features including high lambing percentage, high growth rates, longevity and improving carcase conformations. Inverbrackie ensures to maintain disease free sheep in the stud. The sheep have been vaccinated by Inverbrackie for protection against brucellosis. Inverbrackie also conducts auctions for supplying sheep.

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