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RainStar and Toro Ag series of irrigators from Irrigation Industries

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Irrigation Industries  supplies the RainStar and Toro Ag series of irrigators. These irrigators have been specifically developed to irrigate difficult sites. Irrigation Industries ensures that its customers are provided with cost-effective and energy-efficient irrigation products. RainStar irrigators have a number of features such as galvanised pipe reels, user-friendly operations, new cart accompanied by a built in automatic slope compensator, ergonomic central unit, hinged solar panels, hydraulic drives and radial flow turbines. These irrigators consist of large tyres that enable minimisation of soil pressure. RainStar irrigators from Irrigation Industries can be easily mounted on existing in-field machines.

Toro Ag irrigation systems from Irrigation Industries have been specifically developed to provide agricultural crop management solutions. Micro irrigation systems from the company are suitable for a diverse range of crops such as vegetables, tea, peanuts, corn, fruit trees, cotton, coffee, pepper and sugarcane. The Aqua Traxx Tape micro irrigation systems from Irrigation Industries comprise of premium drip irrigation tubing that can be used for various horticultural crops. These micro irrigation systems provide wall thicknesses, spacing and emitter flow rates suitable for various types of crops.

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