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Annual ryegrass seeds from Irwin Hunter & Co

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Irwin Hunter & Co  specialises in the distribution of different varieties of seeds. Irwin Hunter & Co has been supplying seed varieties since 1966. Different varieties of seeds from Irwin Hunter & Co include annual ryegrass seeds, biennial ryegrass seeds and herbs. Annual ryegrass seeds are available in different types. Safeguard annual ryegrass from Irwin Hunter & Co includes nematode resistant annual ryegrass that is found resistant even to cereal cyst nematodes. Safeguard annual ryegrass seeds offer good pasture options for farmers and incorporate features including crop disease break, ARGT nematode resistant and increased winter production.

Surrey annual ryegrass from Irwin Hunter & Co is composed of agronomic characteristics including exceptional dry matter production, increases value of oaten hay, high feed value, late winter spring activity, field resistance to rust and suited for heavy soil texture. New Tetila annual ryegrass from Irwin Hunter & Co consists of agronomic attributes such as improved establishment vigour, increased forage yields, resistance to leaf rust and increased winter production.

Dargo ryegrass distributed by Irwin Hunter & Co is a high performing annual ryegrass. This annual ryegrass consists of features including high tolerance level to leaf rust, responsive to nitrogen applications; excellent early establishment vigour and quality forage throughout growing season.

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