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Lucerne and Persian Clover seeds from Irwin Hunter & Co

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Irwin Hunter & Co  provides Lucerne and Persian Clovers seed varieties. Lucerne seeds are available in two types such as Blue Ace and Icon seeds. Blue Ace Lucerne seeds produce moderately tall plants with leafy stems. Various agronomic characteristics of these plants include high winter activity, higher productivity, high nitrogen fixation, disease and insect resistance and ideal for crop rotations. Icon Lucerne plants also possess higher winter activity and ideal to be sown on drylands.

Roper perennial ryegrass from Irwin Hunter & Co consist of several attributes such as increased root depth, ideal for different soil types, high seedling vigour and capable of reseeding under varied conditions. These ryegrass seeds perform exceptionally well in marginal dairy areas.

Hykon Rose clover supplied by Irwin Hunter & Co is an annual sundry legume. This sundry legume is a branching prostrate plant with stemmy appearance in dry conditions. This legume is suitable for rotational grazing systems and can be sown in areas having annual rainfall ranging from 300 millimetres to 550 millimetres. Hard seeded Persian clover from Irwin Hunter & Co includes self regenerating annual legumes.

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