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Tonic plantain and Grouse chicory herbs from Irwin Hunter & Co

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Irwin Hunter & Co  supplies different kinds of herbs. These herbs include Tonic plantain herb and Grouse chicory herbs. Tonic plantain is a deep rooted forage herb with a diverse range of agronomic characteristics including high level of early summer and winter spring production, production of high quality forage and deep rooted perennial plants in combination with broad leafy ribbed leaves. The forage produced by these herbs consists of increased mineral levels that provide anthelmintic properties.

Tonic plantain herbs from Irwin Hunter & Co can be grown on different kinds of soil. These herbs need to be rotationally grazed in order to achieve high yields. These herbs possess capability to produce high levels of dry matter. Grouse chicory herbs from Irwin Hunter & Co include deep rooted perennial herbs. These herbs are ideal to be sown in areas having soil temperature exceeding 100 degree centigrade. Several attributes of these herbs include high winter activity, production of high quality forage, tolerance to drought and excellent winter production herb.

Crusader biennial ryegrass, distributed by Irwin Hunter & Co, comprises of varying agronomic characteristics such as improved resistance to crown and stem rust, high yielding grass, capability to withstand water logging, densely tillered grass and strong autumn winter growth.

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