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Ashbank and Echuca Park breeds of rams from Ivadene

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Ivadene  supplies different breeds of rams. Ivadene 75-06 variety of ram possesses a current index ranging to about 203.34 percent on carcase plus. Several other attributes of this ram include well balanced posture, good head, large body with tremendous carcase attributes. Ivadene 62-05 ram has an index rate of 200.61 percent on carcase plus with other characteristics such as structurally correct posture in combination with good internal as well as external muscles. This ram provides high quality of wool.

Ashbank variety of ram from Ivadene possesses a current index rate averaging to about 203 percent with other features such as good length, extended neck and quality wool. This ram also has strong muscle traits. Ivadene 34-06 ram has several attributes including index rate of about 195.82 percent, large body, clean faced ram in combination with enormous growth rates. Echuca Park variety of ram from Ivadene comprises of attributes including strong and clean head and current index averaging to about 197.8 percent on carcase plus.

Ivadene 154 breed of ram from Ivadene includes rams with correct and well balanced postures, great length, extended neck and tremendous carcase attributes. Ivadene 199 breed of ram comprises of features including current index averaging to about 200.9 percent, open headed and clean pointed ram, huge size, length as well as carcase attributes.

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