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Lambplan performance recording methods from Ivadene

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Ivadene  is a stud that houses different varieties of ewes and rams. This stud has a total number of about 400 ewes. Ivadene implements efficient and effective management practices for proper maintenance of ewes and rams. These management practices include subjection of sheep to complete vaccination as well as drenching programmes, ovine Brucellosis free flock, vaccination of whole flock, vaccination of progeny with gudair vaccine, corrective natural mating techniques, fattening of rams, high culling rate of replacement ewes and precise record keeping services.

Ivadene adopts Lambplan performance recording system for keeping a proper track of the breeding programmes. This stud has been employing this Lambplan method since 1991. This performance recording system has been specifically implemented for increasing growth rate of prime lambs, decreasing fat content of prime lambs and increasing muscling of prime lambs. Ivadene records the data of several performance factors such as weaning weight at three months, post weaning weight at seven months, yearling weight at 12 months, post weaning fat content, post weaning eye muscle depth of the lamb and carcase of the lamb. Ivadene measures these labs on farms while focussing on traits such as feet, structural soundness, wool cover, wool type and length as well as muscling of lamb.

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