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Forensic accounting services from Ivey ATP

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Ivey ATP  provides forensic accounting and business valuation services. Forensic accounting services from Ivey ATP cover various fields including personal injury, business interruption, product liability, workers compensation, professional negligence, breach of contract, business and family disputes as well as trade practice and fair trading acts. This company provides a detailed documentation of various forensic accounting services accomplished by them. Ivey ATP ensures that these reports are well understood by non specialist personnel.

Ivey ATP provides a diverse range of business valuation services. Some of the business valuation services offered by Ivey ATP include land use assessments, market analyses, large scale data analyses, regional economic strategy plans and farm surveys. This company also offers other business valuation services such as political lobbying, feasibility studies as well as informative presentations.

Environmental and landuse services from Ivey ATP include production of environmental impact statements, review of environmental and landuse reports, landuse classification, land utilisation studies and vegetation surveys as well as modelling services. Ivey ATP has been providing these environmental and landuse services for about 15 years. Other services include agricultural sustainability assessments and advice on feedlot waste disposal.

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