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Caravan power wheels from J Leahy & Co Engineering

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J Leahy & Co Engineering  offers caravan power wheels. These power wheels have been specifically designed to provide effortless and safe operations during caravan movement. Caravan power wheels ensure to deliver efficient and reliable performance. Different features of these power wheels include wormdrive gearbox, brake winch system, safety integrated and a simple retracting design. The wormdrive gearbox of this caravan power wheel enables to prevent free wheeling of the machine. The brake winch system has been specifically incorporated for safe raising and lowering applications. These caravan power wheels operate in power conditions of 12 volts. The simple retracting design of this power wheel enables easy towing of yards.

Auger power wheels from J Leahy & Co Engineering comprise of features including safety integrated design, operable in power conditions averaging to about 12 volts and simple retracting design enables easy towing. These power wheels are capable to suit augers of varying diameters. The brake winch system of auger power wheel enables safe raising and lowering of the machine. These power wheels deliver efficient and reliable operation and available at cost effective rates.

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