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Commercial breeds of cattle from J.T. G Irwin & Sons

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J.T. G Irwin & Sons  specialises in operations related to beef cattle. This beef cattle stud was established in 1965. J.T. G Irwin & Sons ensures that it produces structurally correct and quality cattle. These cattle possess high functional attributes with objectively measured genetic merit. J.T. G Irwin & Sons utilises Estimated Breeding Values as an effective selection tool for comparing cattle of different breeds. These cattle also consist of various other characteristics such as high fertility and productivity and easy care. J.T. G Irwin & Sons produces cattle that cater to the needs of the Australian commercial cattle breeders.

J.T. G Irwin & Sons employs artificial insemination methods for breeding different varieties of cattle. J.T. G Irwin & Sons also emphasises on combining attributes such as structural soundness, reproductive performance and enhanced meat quality with measurable genetic gain of the cattle. These measures employed by J.T. G Irwin & Sons ensure in the development of balanced and scientifically monitored selection programmes. J.T. G Irwin & Sons keeps an account of several factors such as reportable fertility, growth, calving ease and carcase traits. These values are submitted to the clients while purchasing the cattle. J.T. G Irwin & Sons also provides temperament value, sheath score as well as EBV values of the cattle to the clients.

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