JNO Baker

JNO Baker are a specialised rural and merchandising service that cater for  the needs and requirements of  the farmer, contractor, hobbyist and animal lover. Supplying products including Castrators, Combs, Cutters, Electric Fencing, Livestock, Livestock Identification, and Scales.


Supplier news
31/07/08 - JNO Baker provides a diverse range of electric fencing solutions. The S150 series of electric fencing solutions possess the capability of powering fences of up to 20 kilometres.

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JNO Baker (Head office) Update these details
84 Brisbane St
NSW 2830
Tel: 02 6884 6484
Fax: 02 6884 9710

JNO Baker Brands

Ace Beiyvan Heineger Lister Lyco Moffat Vitrue Ruddweigh Spider Sunbeam Supershear Thunderbird TPW

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