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Jadan small bale accumulator scales

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article image Scales fitted to Jadan 15 Bale Accumulator

Jadan Enterprises  offers their small bale accumulators fitted with scales to help ensure consistency in bale weight.

When baling operations were mechanised, baling operators no longer had to manually handle the bales. Since most operators sell their hay by the bale and not by weight, it led to inconsistencies in weight. While customers would complain about lighter bales, conversely, the operator would also stand to lose money when the bales were heavier as they would be giving away hay for free.

For instance, on annual sales of 5000 bales, if the target weight is 20kg, and most of the bales end up at 24kg, the operator would be giving away 1000 bales for free.

When the Jadan small bale accumulator scales are used with Jadan bale density controllers in the cab, baler operators have the ultimate bale management tools right from the comfort of the cab, ensuring correct weight and density on each bale, and keeping both the customer and the operator happy.

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