Plant Seeds Firmly with Presswheel Assemblies from Jadan Enterprises

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Tyne or Rear Mount Presswheel Assemblies

The Tyne or Rear Mount Presswheel Assemblies from Jadan Enterprises helps increase yield and germination rates. These have been designed to be attached by rear or tyne mounting bracket to the seeder.

Simple design and quality assurance
The tyne mount option is easy and simple to attach directly to the tyne.
  • Create even pressure distribution
  • Sow seeds around corners
  • Hard wearing, replaceable nylon bushes
  • Quick and easy to attach or remove from the tyne or rear mount bar
Maximise profits with Jadan Presswheels
Choose from other optional beam units:
  • Single Units
  • Dual Fixed Units
  • Dual Walking Beam Units
Jadan Enterprises presswheels helps farmers maximise profits over and above increasing seed and fertiliser costs.
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