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Airseeders and eliminators from Janke Australia

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Janke Australia  offers airseeders and eliminators. Eliminators have been specifically designed by Janke Australia for efficient mulching and root cutting applications. These machines are suited for Australian working conditions. Eliminators from Janke Australia provide the unique option of cutting as well as mulching simultaneously. This farm machine functions by producing a finely chopped and evenly spread layer of mulch. This mulch is capable of improving the soil structure, while root cutter discs incorporated in the machine can cut and kill the roots efficiently. The root cutter discs can cut the roots at a depth of about 50 millimetres.

Eliminators from Janke Australia comprise of various optional features including heavy duty gearbox, trash paddles, root cutters and mulching flails. The root cutters are either ground driven or hydraulic root cutters. These eliminators are also supplied along with row crop entry doors. Janke Australia provides trailing and front mounted airseeders. These airseeders are available in various sizes. Airseeders from Janke Australia consist of heavy duty and strong construction. Other features of these airseeders include standard ground wheel drive, metering units and hydraulic drive systems. These airseeders have been specifically designed for growing different types of seeds accurately.

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