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SAMM breed of sires from Jardene Stud

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Jardene Stud  specialises in providing different varieties of rams. Jardene Stud breeds rams that display high performance ability and functional traits. Jardene Stud offers rams of various sheep breeds such as SAMM, Border Leicester and White Suffolk. These rams are supplied at cost effective rates. Jardene Stud has been breeding different varieties for about 16 years. Jardene Stud employs Lambplan method for accurate assessment of the ram’s performance. These rams are brucellosis accredited rams that possess superior genetics.

SAMM sires from Jardene Stud have been used as a base for improving the genetic base of the stud. Jardene Stud had purchased a West Australian ram Bear in 2002. This ram had a huge body in combination with large hindquarter. Jardene Stud also stocks champion rams of SAMM breed. SAMM sires provide several beneficial features including self replacing flock, quick turn off product, increases the profit, high growth and fertility rates and enhanced weight gain. These sires also provide with better muscled meat and ideal for domestic as well as export operations. High growth rates of these sheep enable early maturity and marketability processes.

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