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Sires of White Suffolk breed from Jardene Stud

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Jardene Stud  offers sires of White Suffolk sheep breed. The William 0203 sire possesses visually appealing looks and is capable of providing consistent performance throughout the year. The offspring of this sire comprises of attributes such as high productivity and performance. Millswyn 110 sire from Jardene Stud consists of a long body in combination with extra muscling characteristics. The lamb of this sire, too, has long body construction with muscling from chops to loins.

White Suffolk sires from Jardene Stud are capable of producing superior lamb with heavy weights. These lamb have high muscle rates and clean body lines. The rams of Jardene Stud possess high Suffolk percentages. The White Suffolk sires produce offspring with unique characteristics including long and lean stature as well as quick maturing capability. Jardene Stud breeds these sires by utilising the highly desirable characteristics of the animal.

Jardene Stud assesses the performance of the sires by employing Lambplan independent analysis method. This method enables to determine the ideal genetic base suitable for breeding. Various breeding programmes conducted by Jardene Stud focus on traits such as faster weight gains, easy birthing, reproduction and quality of the carcase.

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