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Concrete cattle feeding troughs available from Javpac

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A range of concrete cattle feeding equipment is now available from Javpac including square bottom, round bottom and double sided cattle feed troughs.
Javpac’s concrete water troughs and cattle feed troughs are an ideal way to water and feed cattle, as the concrete gives a high durability providing a long lasting, cost effective water and feed trough solution.

Javpac concrete cattle troughs are made in three different profile shapes - square bottom feed troughs, round bottom cattle feed troughs and also double sided feed troughs.

All Javpac’s cattle feeding troughs are locally manufactured by the company in Ipswich Queensland and are delivered to farmers and feedlots across the eastern states of Australia.

To allow farmers good access to the feed troughs for loading from one side and to prevent cattle from climbing into the feed trough while still allowing them good feeding access, Javpac offer adjustable galvanised steel posts and rails which fit to one side of the square bottom and round bottom feed troughs.

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