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Afrino breed of sheep from Jeancourt Afrino Stud

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Jeancourt Afrino Stud  specialises in breeding commercial sheep. Jeancourt Afrino Stud employs various crossbreeding programmes for producing highly productive sheep. These crossbreeding programmes were conducted by using Border Leicester sheep breed. The lamb of this breed had been used as prime lamb dams in crossbreeding programmes. Jeancourt Afrino Stud commenced its operations by about 2004. These crossbreeding programmes enable in the enhanced production of wool and meat. Jeancourt Afrino Stud also supplies embryos and semen for sale.

Jeancourt Afrino Stud started off with the production of commercial sheep by implanting about 87 South African sourced embryos. The lamb of Afrino sheep breed are capable of growing in tough pastoral conditions. The sheep of Afrino breed have entire body covered with white wool. These sheep also possess hardiness, high fertility and growth rates. The Afrino breed is capable of supplanting SAMM breed in tough conditions. This breed produces offspring possessing good fertility and maternal qualities. The foundation genetics of Afrino breed includes 50 percent of SAMM, 25 percent of Merino and 25 percent of Ronderib Afrikaner sheep breed. This sheep breed of Jeancourt Afrino Stud has been performance tested that enable it to thrive well in tough pastoral conditions.

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