Australian Agricultural Machinery, otherwise known as Jetstream, have a range of agricultural equipment. Other products include small farm and horticultural sprayers, broadacre crop sprayers, boom sprays, grain handling equipment, water tanks, feed mixing equipment and super spreaders, are among their offerings. 


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25/02/11 - The Overlander boomsprayers feature a standard 24 metre fully hydraulic lift, fold boom and a 4000 litre chemical tank, but can be customised with additional features.
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09/07/09 - Albatross broadacre sprayers from Jetstream are boomsprays that enable the simple spraying of large areas in just a day.
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17/06/09 - 50L Mobile SpotSpray Unit is designed for the spraying of chemicals, solutions and fluids from ground level to hard to reach areas.
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22/05/09 - The Conveyair range of grain vacs from Jetstream offers an efficient tool for moving grain from pits, sheds, silo's, trucks and storage bags.
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Tel: 02 6882 3222
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AgGPS® EZ-Guide® Plus Nitro Silverwheels

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