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The Overlander Boomsprayers from Jetstream with a new range of Optional Benefits
25.02.2011 - The Overlander boomsprayers feature a standard 24 metre fully hydraulic lift, fold boom and a 4000 litre chemical tank, but can be customised with additional features.
Albatross Broadacre Sprayers from Jetstream
09.07.2009 - Albatross broadacre sprayers from Jetstream are boomsprays that enable the simple spraying of large areas in just a day.
50L Mobile SpotSpray Unit, portable sprayer from Jetstream
17.06.2009 - 50L Mobile SpotSpray Unit is designed for the spraying of chemicals, solutions and fluids from ground level to hard to reach areas.
Conveyair Grain Vacs from Jetstream
22.05.2009 - The Conveyair range of grain vacs from Jetstream offers an efficient tool for moving grain from pits, sheds, silo's, trucks and storage bags.
The Overlander Boomspray from Jetstream – Advanced, Rugged Hydraulic Fold Spray Rig
26.09.2006 - The Overlander boomspray incorporates a 24 metre (27 metre optional) hydraulic lift and fold boom design (no cables or pulleys) with a 3000 litre or 4000 litre chemical tank, at a lower price than competitors.
Explorer Boomsprayer from Jetstream User Friendly Rig for Medium to Large Farms
26.09.2006 - The Explorer boomspray incorporates a 18 metre (21 metre optional) hydraulic lift and fold boom design (no cables or pulleys) with a 3000 litre chemical tank, at a sensible price.
The Jetstream Overseer is the Ideal Broadacre Boomspray for all Farms
26.09.2006 - The Jetstream Overseer is an ideal broadacre boomspray for all farms. The Overseer comes with a 2000 litre poly tank and an 18 metre boom configuration. The Overseer sprayer comes at a budget price
The Jetstream Workmate Sprayer – 4wd Towable Broadacre Boomspray for the Smaller Farm
26.09.2006 - The Jetstream Workmate sprayer is an ideal broadacre boomspray for the smaller farm. The Workmate sprayer comes standard with a 1000 litre poly tank and 12 metre boom and can be easily towed with a 4WD.
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