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Ejector Scraper Tractors from John Deere

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John Deere  can deliver productive, accurate and cost-effective solutions for levelling land or moving dirt. John Deere Tractors, together with the Fixed-Blade Ejector Scrapers, make up a fully integrated system guaranteed to pay for itself, by returning higher yields and increased production.  

For farmers, precision levelling can increase crop yields by as much as 30 percent, cut irrigation expenses by half and reduce the amount of chemical inputs applied. And when John Deere scrapers are equipped with laser or GPS guidance, farmers can create fields with uniform, consistent slopes improving distribution and the utilisation of irrigation-water.  

For construction and mining projects, John Deere Scrapers are built to save businesses money and maximise equipment uptime. Unlike self-propelled scrapers or truck and excavator systems, John Deere’s tractor scraper system can move the same material, if not more using a third of the capital investment, a third of the operating costs, half the labour, and a third of the fuel. And when your tractor is not pulling scrapers, you can put it to work pulling other implements, making it another good reason to purchase the John Deere solution for land-levelling and earthmoving jobs.  

John Deere offer heavy duty ejector scrapers in a variety of sizes to match your operation and budget. The 1512E scrapers offer a heaped capacity of 11.8 cubic-metres with a 3.6 metre width cut, ideal for precision-levelling. The 1810E models give you a 13.9 cubic-metre capacity with a 3 metre width cut. While the large 1814E and 2112E scrapers deliver a 13.7 cubic-metre and 16.0 cubic-metre heaped capacity respectively making them the largest John Deere scraper available.  

But that’s not all John Deere’s scrapers have to offer. If you want to get more done in less time, John Deere’s ejector scrapers can be pulled in tandem behind a powerful John Deere Tractor with the versatility to be direct or top loaded. And with the new and exclusive AutoLoad scraper control system, you can work even more efficiently and consistently pass to pass.

AutoLoad can be factory or field installed on John Deere 9030 4WD Series Tractors and Scrapers for the most productive workhorse. By automating the scraper’s hydraulic-lift functions to suit draft load, wheel slippage and soil conditions, the AutoLoad system is so easy to use even first-time operators can load like a pro.

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