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John Deere's GreenStar Lightbar guidance solution

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John Deere  is very proud to introduce the new GreenStar  Lightbar to their expanding line-up of precision guidance solutions. Ideal for the value-conscious producer, the new GreenStar Lightbar is a simple and economical solution for those wanting to adapt their equipment to the new precision guidance technology.

The guidance system is designed with 27 tracking LEDs to help guide a vehicle through the field. Simply steer the tractor or other self-propelled machinery left or right based on the lights illuminated. The lights provide visual cues for the driver, there are three green lights in the middle and twelve red lights on either side of the light bar. When the vehicle is on track, the green lights illuminate, and when the vehicle wanders off track, the red lights illuminate. Each red light represents 2.5 centimetres of off track error. By providing the guidance to steer the vehicle, the driver can save time, effort and money, especially on inputs like fuel, seed and fertiliser.

The GreenStar Lightbar runs without the need for an additional GreenStar display. Add the wiring harness and StarFire  receiver, and it is an economical stand-alone guidance system. It’s a great way to move into precision ag or to enhance the existing equipment. So anybody thinking about making the move to precision ag, let the new GreenStar Lightbar light the way.

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