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New Telematics System Available for John Deere Equipment

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John Deere  has raised the bar for equipment management and proactive customer service with the development of the JDLink telematics system. This new technology remotely connects equipment owners, farm managers and dealers to equipment in the field.

The telematics system allows for real-time alerts and other information such as location, utilisation, performance and maintenance data for machines to be accessed on the JDLink website, or sent via email or text message.

According to Audrey Bartlett, product marketing manager, Ag Management Solutions, John Deere, the JDLink equipment management solution package gives owners, farm managers and dealers immediate access to real-time information about the machines in the field in order to make better decisions regarding equipment utilisation, logistics and performance to improve farm productivity and efficiency.

"Through the use of advanced communications, data collection, GPS and other technologies, we've created the telematics infrastructure, which is the basis for future John Deere products and services in this rapidly growing area."

There are two JDLink packages available, JDLink Select and JDLink Ultimate for 2011.

Key features of JDLink Select:

  • Roadmap/satellite map and driving directions
  • Machine hours
  • Geofencing
  • Curfew alerts
  • Maintenance management
  • Machine utilisation profile
  • Enables Service ADVISOR Remote on approved platforms

Key features of JDLink Ultimate:

  • All features of JDLink Select
  • Machine status and comparison
  • Advanced machine utilisation
  • Customer alerts
  • Export/scheduled email report
  • Remote diagnostics via diagnostic trouble codes
  • System usage information

The new telematics system hardware comprises of a communications modem/controller, wiring harness as well as cellular and GPS antennas. Machine data is collected by the controller and wirelessly transferred to the data server, where it is processed and made available via the JDLink website.

Customers will also have the option for alerts to be sent in real-time via text message or email. An optional satellite communications module is available for data transfer in remote areas where cellular signals are not available.

Key benefits of the JDLink telematics system:

  • Data provided by JDLink enables customers to save money by increasing machine utilisation in the field
  • Performance and diagnostic monitoring helps prevent problems and downtime
  • Saves time in the field by coordinating labour and fleet management
  • Sends alerts when fuel is needed, tracks hours of operation as well as monitors engine load and idle times among other machine functions

For 2011, as part of a special promotion, JDLink Ultimate will be installed on all new IT4 8R Series tractors (with one year of complimentary service). In addition, JDLink Select is available as an all makes/all models solution.

For John Deere dealers, JDLink enables Service ADVISOR Remote, which provides dealers with remote access to a vehicle’s diagnostic data to help minimise downtime for the customer.

If a problem develops with a vehicle in the field, service technicians at the dealership or any place with an internet connection can access diagnostic information, perform diagnostic recordings and in some cases, perform software updates remotely allowing them to respond quickly with the correct tools and parts to fix the problem.



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