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IPM Scope - Plant Health and Pest Microscope

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John Morris Scientific  is pleased to introduce Spectrum’s IPM Scope Microscope. The IPM Scope combines a digital camera, precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope and imaging software package.  

Fine details of plant disease symptoms, insects or anything else too small to see with the naked eye can be clearly defined thanks to IPM Scope’s versatile 40 or 140x magnification. Instead of straining to look into a tiny eyepiece, the IPM Scope is placed over the leaf and the magnified image is transferred via an USB port directly to a Laptop computer.

In addition, the IPM Scope Microscope allows users to capture still images, add descriptive labels, make measurements or even to draw right on the image, which can then be emailed or printed for remote diagnosis or illustration.  

The IPM Scope Microscope comes with all the software required to capture and archive still images. The video upgrade bundle can be purchased separately to provide the ability to capture live videos and time lapse sequences.

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