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Isco’s Stormwater Monitoring Package

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Isco’s storm water monitoring package has proven reliability for Council stormwater programs, wetlands monitoring, agricultural run-off studies, and a range of other research applications.

The storm water monitoring package provides accurate and reliable data, critical to the process of selecting pollutant traps, creating models to examine current and future run-off needs, or when determining pollutants and how to keep them out of our waterways.

Using “off the shelf” components, the major components of the  storm water monitoring package include a water sampler - to capture both the first flush, and event-weighted run-off; a flowmeter - to trigger the sampler, and determine the pollutant loading; a rain gauge - to record rainfall in the catchment; a suitable power supply such as solar panels and batteries; and ISCO's Flowlink software - to retrieve and analyse the data.

More information on storm water monitoring and other Isco products are available from John Morris Scientific .

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