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The YSI 6600-V2 sonde for water quality testing from John Morris Scientific

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article image The YSI 6600-V2 sonde for water quality testing

The YSI 6600-V2 sonde, from John Morris Scientific   is a multi-parameter water quality instrument, suitable for the simultaneous measurement of Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature, Depth, pH, ORP (Redox), Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Chlorophyll and Blue-Green Algae.  

Blue-Green Algae (BGA) is highly toxic and needs to be closely monitored in drinking water supplies. Normal laboratory testing is arduous and expensive with results sometimes taking weeks to come through. The YSI BGA sensor provides an immediate on-site water quality measurement with excellent sensitivity at natural levels, and is ideal as an early warning of harmful algae blooms.  

Chlorophyll is a good indication of algae biomass – not just Blue-Green, and is very useful in monitoring natural waterways, and irrigation channels as well as drinking water storages.  Again the laboratory testing of Chlorophyll is tedious and costly, whereas the YSI Chlorophyll sensor provides real-time data, enabling immediate, on-site water quality decisions to be made if necessary.  

The YSI model 6600-V2 sonde measures all water quality parameters simultaneously, allowing the user to see problems as they occur, and also take note of any other influencing parameters. For example the Chlorophyll level in a drinking water storage may suddenly rise indicating a potential harmful algae bloom. At the same time, a noted increase in Turbidity could have drastic effects on filtration systems.  

The YSI model 6600-V2 can be used alone for long term water quality monitoring with built-in data logger and battery chamber, or can be connected to YSI handheld displays or third party systems for continuous on-line water quality monitoring. It also features self cleaning optical sensors for minimised fouling.

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