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Airseeders and tyne assemblies from John Shearer

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John Shearer  designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of airseeders, cultivators, drills, trashworkers and tyne assemblies suitable for agricultural control and management applications. The agricultural equipment and machinery supplied by John Shearer are manufactured according to industrial quality standards. The 2 hopper 6100 range of universal airseeders distributed by John Shearer comes in durable and compact designs. The air seeders are easy to operate and maintain. John Shearer’s air seeders come with quick change metering systems, rear tow hitches and single and double air systems.

Small seeds, grains, peas and fertilisers can be accurately measured and applied using the airseeders designed by John Shearer. The airseeders from John Shearer come with inspection doors, ribbed rollers and in cab monitoring systems. John Shearer offers technical support, repairs and maintenance services to its clients with distinct agricultural automation needs. The agricultural support equipment and machinery manufactured by John Shearer are tested for quality and performance.

The 8300 model of 3 hopper universal air seeders designed by John Shearer come with easy calibration and operational features. John Shearer’s airseeders are available with gearboxes, heavy duty hoppers, high floatation tyres and electric drive systems.

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