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Joinlox and ICC Group Sign Licence Agreement for Innovative Mechanical Joining System

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Joining solutions provider Joinlox Pty Ltd and structural composites specialists ICC Group have signed a licensing agreement for Joinlox’s innovative joining system.  

The licensing agreement enables ICC to use Joinlox’s mechanical joining system in its new structural reinforcing, repair and protection product for concrete, timber or steel piles, structures and pipes.    

The Brisbane-based Joinlox specialises in proprietary mechanical joining systems for a range of products and engineered applications. The Joinlox technology has even won the ABC’s 2008 New Inventors ‘Invention of the Year’ award.  

Joinlox has registered strong growth in several global industries including construction, water, mining and energy, packaging as well as materials handling.  

The Perth-based ICC Group supplies a range of composites repair and strengthening solutions that have been used and endorsed by some of Australia’s leading companies in the infrastructure, oil and gas, and mining sectors.   

ICC’s Sitejacket has been designed to safeguard piles and pipes, protecting the structure while also restoring strength to damaged or corroded concrete, steel or timber pylons as well as pipes in splash or tidal zones.  

With the added benefits of zero corrosion due to its composite properties, and ease of application through the Joinlox joining system, the Sitejacket is a highly durable and cost-effective solution in the market.  

John Pettigrew, Joinlox Chief Executive says that ICC has a strong national reputation for providing innovative solutions using a range of composites materials. The Joinlox system now enables ICC to add pre-fabricated and modular structural solutions to their range of solutions.  

Unlike traditional bolted flange-style jackets, the Joinlox technology provides high strength and uniformly-loaded joints. This will enable ICC to create a much lighter ‘jacket’ system that can be easily transported to the site, and then quickly and safely fitted into position.  

Joinlox technology can potentially save thousands of dollars in installation and lifting equipment costs, particularly for marine applications.  

Michael Mansell, Chief Executive Officer of ICC says that their experience in providing specialist composites solutions, together with the advantages of the Joinlox technology enables them to provide a differentiated and value adding solution to the market, especially to deal with structural and corrosion issues in infrastructure assets.  

The Sitejacket allows ICC to offer a unique and cost-effective method to considerably extend the working life of various assets in the infrastructure and resource sectors.  

Key features of Joinlox-enabled Sitejackets: 

  • Joinlox joints do not induce points loads such as in bolted-flange joints ensuring lighter materials can be utilised
  • By utilising the higher strength and rigidity advantages of fibre reinforced composites, Joinlox-enabled Sitejackets can withstand the high forces involved using less materials
  • Once the Sitejacket is fitted into position, resinous or cementitious grout is introduced to create an annulus around the voids and cracks of the original structure, providing an important seal to stop future chemical or moisture ingress
  • Sitejacket provides structural integrity and resistance to ongoing long-term expansive forces as well as resistance to impact, corrosion and erosion in the harshest of environments
  • Can be manufactured in a range of configurations, lengths and sizes from 150mm to 1200mm in diameter
  • Can be supplied to suit smaller bespoke projects using high-volume methods for larger-scale requirements

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