1000 Series Spring Tine Harrows from K-Line Agriculture

Exceptional performance K-Line 1075 Series has made this model a industry leading and popular choice
Exceptional performance K-Line 1075 Series has made this model a industry leading and popular choice
Exceptional performance K-Line 1075 Series has made this model a industry leading and popular choice Continuous reliability with triple wound tine design Adjustable tine angles for flexibility Excellent levelling of seed bed with intelligent K-Line engineering

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1000 Series Spring Tine Harrows

Outstanding levelling and trash handling capabilities, the superior 1000 Series Spring Tine Harrows from K-Line engineered intelligence are now available.

With broad row spacing, adjustable tine angles, variable down spring pressure and triple wound spring steel tines to continuously ensure high performance results.

Manufactured from steel section for reliability, strength and durability

  • Premium quality spring steel tine for longer lasting reliability
  • Effective levelling with triple wound tines with decreased side movement
  • Superior trash flow with deep row spacings
  • Flexible application with adjustable tine angle
  • Easy turning and reversing with fold under tine design
  • Transportable with fully adaptable mount arm with integrated spring pressure and high lift arrangement
  • Available with quick hitch attachment options

1075 Series Spring Tine Harrows

  • Popular 1075 offer 10mm tines and 7 ¼” leg spacing with 20% more tines than 9” harrow section for exceptional soil levelling and seed bed conditioning
  • High quality 10mm spring steel design and 450mm tine length for increased trash flow

1090 Series Spring Tine Harrows

  • Hard wearing design with 9” tine leg spacing
  • Developed with 10mm reliable spring steel and 450mm tine length

1290 Series Spring Tine Harrows

  • Constructed from high performance 12.7mm spring steel for use in difficult conditions
  • Offers 228mm tine leg spacing and 450mm length for trash flow efficiency

1612 Series Jumbo Spring Tine Harrows

  • Industrial strength 5/8” spring steel for heavy soil applications
  • Broad 305mm tine leg spacing and extra heavy duty 711 mm tine lengths

A comprehensive range of high performance Spring Tine Harrows from K-Line Agriculture are now available now to suit a diverse range of working methods and soil conditions.

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