Easy Fit Coulter Kits

Q55 Easy Fit Coulters are excellent for stubbles and viney weeds
Q55 Easy Fit Coulters are excellent for stubbles and viney weeds
Q55 Easy Fit Coulters are excellent for stubbles and viney weeds Models are available for simple fitting to suit most seed drills to cut trash enabling tines to pass through it Available in single and double coulters to suit your field application Heavy duty construction for low maintenance in demanding conditions Decreases in soil throw, increase in point life and less downtime at seeding time

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Q55 Series Coulters

Incredibly hard wearing Q55 Series single and double Coulters developed by K-Line Agriculture are an exceptional tool for stubbles and viney weeds.

Q55 Series Coulters are easily integrated to existing seed drills and toolbars or ‘in-frame’ with a clever offset mounting system produced exclusively through K-Line Agriculture.

High performing and easy-fit Q55Coulter benefits include

  • Improved control with swivel castor for easy cornering
  • Selectable spring pressure to suit a variety soils and conditions
  • Reinforced with durable protection, bearings and bushed pivots require little maintenance
  • Reduction in soil throw, increase in point life and minimised downtime at seeding for eliminated vine type weeds wrapping requirements

Enhance tine seeders with an Easy-fit Q55 Coulter kits for easy crop seeding

  • Comprehensive models range is applicable to most conventional seed drills
  • Available as single and double coulters
  • Heavy duty, industrial construction for demanding applications
  • Simple to fit with universal design adaptable to any air-seeder bars and disc seeders
  • Maintained trash residue leading to improved moisture retention and controlling soil erosion
  • Maximised nitrogen for following crops from retained residual trash

Delivered with plain, fluted or wavey disc options, Q55 Series Coulters are designed for easy application to most seed drills and effectively cutting trash allowing tines to pass through it.

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