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K-Line 9600 Series Rotary Hay Rake

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article image The 9600 Series Rotary Hay Rake from K-Line Industries

The 9600 Series Rotary Hay Rake from K-Line Industries is 100% Australian Made and has been designed and manufactured to resist Australia’s harsh weather conditions.  

The K-Line 9600 Series includes cams and bearings that are sealed oil bathed to guard them from abrasive and dusty conditions that are commonly experience in Australian farming.  

The rotary hay rake has thirteen arm rotors with a total of two hundred and sixty raking tines that are hydraulically powered, making it ideal for raking heavy crops up to 8.5metres in width.  

The 9600 Rotary Hay Rake provides reduced hay contamination and cleaner raked paddocks due to the three dimensional ground following.  

Additional features of the 9600 Series are automatic rear steer and heavy duty flotation tyres, which provide increased maneuverability on twin rotor rakes. K-Line designed the 9600 Series Rotary Hay Rake for safe and efficient operation.    

Benefits of the K-Line 9600 Series:

  • Produces a clean hay sample
  • High productivity
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Gear boxes are sealed oil bathed
  • Simple operation ;and
  • Available as centre/side delivery or Single rotors model.

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