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K-Line agricultural machinery meets the needs of primary producers

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The family-owned K-Line Industries has been meeting the equipment needs of primary producers for over 21 years.

K-Line’s agricultural machinery range is the result of focussed research, design and product development, backed by the company’s mission to supply reliable, efficient and work-safe compliant machinery that exceeds customer expectations for the advancement of sustainable agriculture. All K-Line machines come with a 12-month parts and labour warranty and quality after-sales service.

Conservation farming has been a focus of the company with K-Line supplying a broad range of effective and efficient tillage machinery. Conservation farming is an approach to farming that uses a whole raft of ideas, such as reducing cultivation to maintain soil structure and soil water storage, retaining stubble to reduce erosion and increase soil organic matter, and reducing traffic across the paddock to avoid compaction, which together can increase long-term profitability. 

K-Line first introduced spring tine harrows in the market, gradually adding more products to the range, including the K2000 rotary harrows, coil packers and various types of harrows and tillage equipment. Hay rakes were introduced to the range in the year 2003. In 2007-8, the company released the K-Line Trashcutter, a conservation tillage tool, which lays stubble flat, then slices and bruises the stubble into short lengths, leaving a mulched stubble bed to increase microbial activity and retain moisture. 

K-Line introduced the Speedtiller to the market in 2010. The single-pass, heavy duty disc tilling machine, which operates at high speeds has been a great success, with machines selling throughout Australia and USA and also in Canada, New Zealand and Ukraine. 

With the advent of minimum tillage and no-till farming systems, farmers are adopting strategic tillage to handle the burden of accumulated stubble residue. One of the benefits of strategic tillage is stubble incorporation, which allows microbes and the soil biology to effectively break down stubble, building humus levels in the soil. An essential component of healthy soils, humus helps improve soil structure, has high water-holding capacity, supplies a rich source of nutrients, and allows more oxygen to enter the soil increasing root growth and water penetration.

The K-Line Speedtiller has found a niche in the strategic tillage system, as it can transform a rutted, weed infested paddock into a level seed bed, finished and ready to seed. This is due to the action of the singularised rubber-torsioned jump arm system with disc undercut and the effective action of the levelling crumbler roller. 

K-Line’s Speedtiller has been a huge success across the world. Demonstrated throughout Australia, the Speedtiller covers a range of applications such as efficient seedbed preparation, excellent stubble incorporation and effective weed control with its ability to combats effects of summer weed such as fleabane. 

The Speedtiller is available in a range of sizes from 1.75m through to 13m. Its easy-to-operate lateral disc adjustment is a unique feature that allows the machine’s operators to adjust front-to-rear disc cutting correlation. 

K-Line’s Speedtiller has gone through extensive field testing under some of the harshest and most demanding conditions, and has been trialled in Australia in paddocks of mature fleabane, to wheat stubble, corn, cereals and melons. It has also been used in further trials in cane plantations, vineyards and cotton cultivation where the machine was found to be excellent for cotton trash breakdown, incorporation and pupae busting. A Leeton, NSW-based grower has even used the Speedtiller in clay soil to break down stubble and level the seedbed before planting. 

The K-Line research and development team has been working with farmers in the US to adapt the Speedtiller to suit North America’s vast variety of soil types. The Speedtiller has also been extensively trialled in the US in paddocks of rocky soil, cabbage ground, corn stubble, ripped ground, wet sod, wet sticky clay and even snow-frozen ground.

K-Line’s vision is to be a trusted business partner for the provision of leading agricultural equipment designed and built to global standards. 

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