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K-Line’s Speedtiller tillage system effectively tackles stubble residue

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K-Line Industries presents a single-pass, heavy duty disc tilling machine that meets the needs of farmers in tackling the burden of stubble residue.

Minimum tillage and no-till farming systems have resulted in farmers seeking new ways to handle stubble residue accumulated over the years. While some operations have gone back to burning the stubble, it has only resulted in excessive baking of soil, water erosion and run off. Burning stubbles however, minimises trash interference in seed drills, maximises the effectiveness of pre-emergence spraying and gives some control of snails and carryover diseases. 

A number of farmers are embracing the concept of strategic tillage, a key benefit being stubble incorporation, which allows microbes and the soil biology to effectively breakdown stubble, building humus levels in the soil. Humus is an essential component of healthy soils: it improves soil structure, has high water-holding capacity, and supplies a rich source of nutrients. It also allows more oxygen to enter the soil increasing root growth, and enhances water penetration into the soil. 

Strategic tillage enables rough and rutted country to be made level, with weeds becoming manageable and residue broken down to allow for trash flow through seeders.

K-Line’s Speedtiller is a new generation strategic tillage system that can transform a rutted, weed infested paddock into a level seed bed, finished and ready to seed. This is due to the action of the singularised rubber-torsioned jump arm system with disc undercut and the effective action of the levelling crumbler roller. 

Compact disc designed and manufactured in Australia, K-Line’s Speedtiller heavy duty disc tilling machine is built to withstand Australia’s demanding working conditions. 

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