Speedtiller® for Tillage and Soil Conditioning of Soil with High Crop Residue by K-Line Agriculture

Effective weed control and excellent stubble incorporation
Effective weed control and excellent stubble incorporation
Effective weed control and excellent stubble incorporation Versatile with more applications than a traditional offset disc Efficient seedbed preparation with K-Line Speedtiller® Designed with exceptional durability to meet Australian farming conditions Saving your resources and minimising costly equipment with an all in one solution K-Line’s Speedtiller® provides a protective barrier to retain moisture

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K-Line Speedtiller®

The K-line Speedtiller® is a disc tilling machine used to distribute crop residue evenly across the surface. Use at high speed, it offers full soil disturbance allowing the trash to provide a protective barrier to retain moisture, ideal for soil conditioning and seedbed preparation.

With a trialled and tested reputation, Speedtiller® is highly effective in weed control and exceptional stubble incorporation.

Excellent Seedbed Preparation

The Speedtiller® is designed and engineered for strength and durability. It is operates at high speed meaning less fuel is used and you can complete the job quickly and easily. Other features and benefits include:

  • Depth gauging roller at rear which provides a crumbling effect on the soil profile
  • Sharks tooth rollers, pipe rollers and Coil Packer Rollers are also available
  • Models from 2.25m to 13m, 3PL Models (2.25-6m) and Trailing Models (4.5-13m)
  • Increase organic matter in soil
  • Effective for weed control
Effective defense with the growing fleabane problem with a versatile all in one solution


Trialled in test with mature fleabane, wheat stubble and crops of corn, cereals and melons, Speedtiller® outperforms any traditional offset disc with diverse applications minimising wasteful change over time, expensive fuel and costly excessive pieces of equipment.

Speedtiller® is a complete solution that offers the speed and ability to get the job done with ease and exceptional savings. The K-Line Agriculture Trash Management range includes theTrashcutter and Easy Fit Coulter Kits

K-Line Speedtiller 3E's
K-Line Speedtiller 3E's K-Line Industries Speedtiller in action
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